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Social Philanthropy

The Group takes the initiative and plays an active part in social responsibility, devotes itself to various public welfare charity activities with full enthusiasm, and extensively participates in various social public welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation and education, charitable donation, environmental protection, and the establishment of public welfare funds, in order to build a harmonious society with warmth, love and responsibility, and realize the mission of “Building a better life with heart” with good deeds. As of 2019, the Group has contributed donations amounting to approximately RMB300 million to public welfare funds.

1. Giving back to hometown

The founders of CIFI, the Lin brothers, graduated from No. 1 Middle School of Jian’ou, Fujian Province. This is also the starting point of CIFI public welfare. In the words of Mr. Lin Zhong, our President, education is the root of our society that changes fate. Donations was still frequently made to their hometown for constructing primary and secondary schools and supporting students, while focusing on our development in Xiamen, our principle place of business. The Group successively established the “Teaching Award Fund” and “Scholarship Fund” in No.1 Middle School of Jian’ou, and helped the school in training teachers, encouraging teachers and students to be strive to excel, among which, the donations to No.1 Middle School of Jian’ou for teacher training is expected to exceed RMB2 million.

Subsidy Alma Mater Construction

At the beginning of April 2019, Mr. Lin Zhong learned that there were difficulties in the construction of gymnasium and swimming pool on the new campus of Jian’ou No. 1 Middle School in terms of construction funds. He immediately suggested that the Group and himself would sponsor the construction of the gymnasium and swimming pool, so that children could have a chance to enjoy better teaching facilities. This time, the CIFI team, under the leadership of Mr. Lin Zhong, our Chairman investigated and designed the gymnasium and swimming pool for the new campus of Jian’ou No. 1 Middle School. The roofs of the two venues are designed as two overlapping leaves leaning against each other closely, covering the campus, as if they have endless words to their alma mater. The two venues are expected to be officially put into operation on the new campus of Jian’ou No.1 Middle School in September 2020.

2. The benevolence to the underprivileged

In all the aspect, education is the key area of CIFI’s charitable undertaking. The Group knows that devoting itself to education is the extension and inheritance of the Group’s fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities. Therefore, it continues to pay attention to and promote the growth and development of young people’s education, is committed to educational charity, and cultivates national talents.

The Benevolence of a Walnut

In October 2019, the Group invested public welfare funds of more than RMB400,000 into the Group’s four-year charity operation, “Benevolence of a Walnut”, for purchasing 15,000 china-catty walnuts picked and dried by children in Meigu County, Daliangshan, in order to provide children the opportunity to earn income on their own efforts and relieve their family economic pressure, as well as encouraging them to realize their dreams of being literate through their own hard work. At present, through videos from Daliangshan, we found that the children were able to introduce the characteristics and methods of consumption of walnuts from Daliangshan picked by them in Mandarin clearly and fluently. They are about to embark on a different future from their parents’. As the saying goes “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, CIFI insists on charity that our beneficiaries can receive in dignity, and with a heart of benevolence, we endeavor to make children’s dreams come true.

3. Disaster relief

Over the years, CIFI has always been customer-centric, staff-based, and society as its own responsibility. Drinking water to think about the source, when the country needs, the enterprise is duty-bound.

Combating The Epidemic

When the epidemic broke out, the Group took immediate actions, on 26 January 2020, it announced the establishment of a special fund to combat the pneumonia in Wuhan, with a supporting fund of RMB20 million to purchase medical supplies and subsidize medical staff in Wuhan. Facing the shortage of frontline supplies, the Group gathered employees at all levels to seek and coordinate protective clothing, masks, goggles and other medical supplies throughout the country day and night, and delivered them in a timely manner, contributing to the success in epidemic prevention and control by providing prompt support to the frontline. As of today, the Group donated 157 sets of medical equipment, 34,000 pieces of medical isolation clothing, 2.24 million pairs of medical gloves, 13,700 pairs of goggles, 2720 pieces of face masks, 8900 pieces of N95 masks, 150 pieces of protective clothing, and 6,000 pieces of supplies to Shelter Hospital.