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Management Structure

1. Commitment to Sustainability

For two decades since the Group’s inception, we have been advocating and practicing the concept of responsible development with “2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of United Nations as the guiding direction. In tandem with business expansion, our attention is paid to perform environmental and social obligations and to meet our commitment to stakeholders in a concrete fashion. Equipped with ingenuity and dedication to product and service quality, we work continuously on design and technology innovation, maintain our corporate integrity and transparent culture, as well as engage in philanthropy, all in a bid to deliver on our corporate mission of “building for a better life”.

2. ESG Management Structure

The Group value highly sustainable development and thus setting up effective internal management structure to facilitate the work within the Group. In 2019, an ESG Management Committee comprising of the board of directors, senior management and various functional departments, further strengthen the systematic and standardized management of sustainable development.